The only such dedicated,
experienced, trialed & tested
team of leading PBSA experts
in Poland


Den Living is a team of 11 experienced and dedicated development, investment & entrepreneurial professionals, with expertise in all aspects of real estate investment and development, specifically with an unrivalled knowledge of Poland’s PBSA sector.





Małgorzata Kuriata – the founder of DEN, is one of the most experienced SH professionals in Poland. UK qualified lawyer and real estate entrepreneur.

Prior to founding DEN, Małgorzata Kuriata has acted as the Co-Founder, Managing Director, Chairman and a Partner in the Polish Division of one of the most experienced student housing development and operating groups in Europe (BASECAMP), leading it to become the major player in the Polish market and setting a benchmark for future quality developments in this sector, with one project for almost 500 rooms and over 630 beds in operation since 2017, and further projects for 3000 rooms in various stages of development across the country.

Małgorzata is an experienced people manager with robust 20 years of experience in property development in Poland and abroad including residential and student housing developments.

Alongside Małgorzata Kuriata there is a sizeable team of professionals with the entire spectrum of expertise including development, design, finance, market development, marketing and operations, majority of whom worked with her in her previous PBSA involvement with Basecamp.

Company Address

Den Developments sp. z o. o.
Krasickiego 7/1
02-628 Warsaw